nicole st. germain

creator roadmap

This page is my roadmap for things I am currently creating and I want to create in the future. Follow along:


Sage Gift Guides

Sage Gift Guides

Gift ideas for real people.


Home Cook Challenges

Home Cook Challenges

Fun challenges for the home cook.

lazy beauty

Lazy Beauty

Beauty guides for badass women.

Arts + Craft

Arts + Craft

Booze + craft events in Seattle.



Mastermind Products

A suite of mastermind products for creatives.


Goal Setting Product

A collab with my friend, Matt Ragland.

Casual Fridays

An evergreen newsletter.

a Minimalist Planner

A physical planner.

Icon Credit: eyelashes by Jacqueline Fernandes from the Noun Project, sage by arianne leclerc jodoin from the Noun Project, Beer by Artem Kovyazin from the Noun Project, Brain by Alina Oleynik from the Noun Project